After 60 posts i think it time to say hi. If you’ve come through I am an avid lover of sci-fi and fantasy on TV. I like to write about the shows I watch. I also when time permits like to read books. My main love is erotica, but a close second would be ya or young adult novels, the urban fantasy kind or paranormal kind.

With that said I think I am a well-rounded person. I like to karaoke, i like to write poetry and I find people fascinating. I people watch. People going about their daily lives and not knowing that people like me are creating stories of what if as they pass me by.

I sometimes will just go into a coffee shop or bar and just sit by myself observing the world.

I’m not shy, but sometimes I find that i like to just be alone, to just think. Sometimes I am too much in my head, hence why I write.

This is not my first blog, but this one is more to showcase my work, my words. Where I write, well it allows me to express myself in ways that I find is sometimes hard to articulate verbally.

Some would call me a geek or a nerd, and it is true, but I am also a person who sometimes has useless knowledge floating in my brain, that I like to on occasion blurt out.

I also fancy myself a wordsmith. Words intrigue me. Sentence structure astounds me. The way the two connect to become phrases, well it is awesome. Yes I do a bit of poetry though it has been a while since i’ve been so inspired to craft words to amuse me.

And last but not least the name of my blog, Zesty Nachos (which is also my blogspot one) has to do with a zest for life and the fact that everybody loves or at least likes nachos. See words together creating something useful for me.

Back to writing.