Hi all! Some of you know that I write my own Torchwood column, where I get to discuss this current season. I am writing a new piece, and would love your help!

I am looking for fans who would like to be featured in my column, who can give me their thoughts on the first five episodes.

So fans who written the show off but still watched: what are your thoughts so far? Impressed or not?

New fans to the franchise: what do you think of the show? Are you able to follow along? And will you go back to the beginning of the series to watch season 1-3?

Fans who still absolutely refuse to watch: Why, even with some reviews coming in stating that the show is good, or at least coming into its own?

And last but not least, those fans who have watched and still hate the show, and find nothing redeeming in the plot: will you continue to watch?

Please send a quick tweet and @reply me or email me scififanexmr at yahoo dot com with your insights. I’d like this after episode five airs. So US viewers. Everywhere else I’d still love your insight, so your thoughts on the first four episodes.

I really hope you can help.

Based on the additional response I will write a part two to the article already written. So thank you all to your input!
Here is the first part of the article written: